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If you have more than 5 computers, scanners and printers at your office, you are due for a Network installation. Networks let you store and access data centrally, share resources and allow you centralized administration of multiple computers and remote access to the server, along with many other facilities. Get your fully managed server from Maisha Network Limited.

Faster. Easier. Smarter Networking

Central Administration

Data Control and Monitoring through a server based central administration network.

Fully Optimized Voice & Data Networks

Maximize Network Performance through reduced Support Time & Effective Monitoring.

Improved Network Security

Protect your Enterprise network from Spam, Virus, Intrusion & Inappropriate Web Content.

Greatly Monitored High Speed Network

Fully managed business networks support constant preventive maintenance checks that allow us to constantly enhance your system and resolve network issues in real time. You gain access to avant-garde technologies that allow you total control over your network.

Never Lose Your Data Again

It’s easier than ever to store and backup data over server based networks. You can schedule routine automated backups and allow user remote access to the data through remote administrative functions.

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